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Medical Instrument

Our first major assignment for our 3d modeling class was to model a medical instrument. I chose the trocar which is:

A sharply pointed shaft, usually with a three-sided point. A trocar may be used within a cannula, a hollow tube, designed to be inserted into a vein, artery, bone marrow or body cavity. The word trocar is derived from the French “trois” (three) + “carre” (side).

The trocar I used is actually bladeless. This was done in 3ds max. Solving how to model the instrument was probably the hardest part. I restarted several times. One label had been tricky however. We were also graded on texture and lighting.

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So it’s getting into the sixth week of my second semester and I haven’t posted anything. We’ve mainly been working on exercises, it’s only been this past week that we’ve had assignments due. Thought I would post my first major project of the semester. This is a line rendered illustration drawn in photoshop. First time I’ve ever used a tablet.

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